About ENAC

The objectives of the corporation are:

1.   for ENAC to remain a not-for-profit corporation;

2.   to manage all properties for which it holds Management Orders, using Best Farm Management Practice;

3.   to support education; job training; health services; work and housing for the Nyungar community;

4.   to help and encourage the Nyungar community to keep and renew their traditional culture;

5.   to help build trust and friendship between its members and other members of the community;

6.   to participate in and support other Aboriginal and Community organisations in the facilitation of projects and activities for their mutual benefit and build sound and effective partnerships with these organisations. This includes partnerships in securing grant funding.

The Board of Directors is the highest authority within the Corporation. We represent six local Nyungar Traditional Owner families. Incorporated in 2006, with no financial assistance, no office and no governance training for the Directors, we have grown into a successful, effective, self-sufficient corporation. ENAC are a Not-for-Profit organisation and do not receive funding from the Government or other sources to support the costs of maintenance and repairs for the land that we manage.

Current Directors: Jennifer Woods (Chairperson), Roma Knapp, James Schultz, Lurlene Graham.


ENAC is not Government funded and relies solely upon income it is able to earn from leasing farms. This income has to support the Corporation, manage and develop all the properties and contribute to the many projects ENAC run and support for the benefit of the Nyungar community. We hold management orders for thirteen properties currently, seven being active farms. Among the farms ENAC manages is the Rotary Club’s “Prickle Farm”. ENAC also manages reserves, a waterhole and bush blocks which do not provide income, however need considerable funds to maintain and protect them.

ENAC sponsor and support organisations, groups and schools in the community and also run projects such as the Pallet to Furniture Project, the Bush Tucker Garden Project and others.

ENAC provide cultural awareness education and our new function room provides us with an ideal training venue that is also available for hire.

ENAC is staffed on a part-time basis, and our team are happy to answer questions and provide information during office hours. Our gallery/shop is also open during office hours which are currently Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm.